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Web Development & Production

Pixelspace partners with ad agencies, marketing firms and marketing departments to create high-quality websites with a strong focus on the client’s branding and conversion rates. Since 1997, we have been partnering with marketing communications firms to help them build and launch better websites for themselves and their clients. We’ve learned a lot through our years about web development, and one of the most important is that a website are never finished. There are many reasons for this, including constantly evolving marketing plans, the endless cycle of technological advancements, and ever-changing web usability trends – just to scratch the surface.

While our clients initially hire us to help them build a great site, what they really want is a supportive, long-term relationship with a reliable web expert. Our focus on client service and support ensures that not only will you get a great site from us, you will always know exactly how that site is working for you and your client. We are not looking to be the web design company you choose to build your just your next web project, we want to be the web development expert you choose for the long term.




    • Web Strategy Development
    • Site Mapping & Navigation Consulting
    • Web-Operations Consulting
    • Website Assessment & Audit
    • User Clickpath Analysis
    • Search Marketing Consulting
    • Social Marketing
    • Web Hosting & Technology
    • +++++++




    • Web & Application Design
    • User Interface Design
    • Web Programming
    • eBook Development
    • Mobile Website Development
    • Interactive PDF Development
    • Web Application Development
    • Interactive Kiosk Development
    • Application Programming
    • HTML/CSS Production
    • Database Development
    • +++++++




    • eCommerce Development
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Membership Website
    • Social Community Site
    • Digital Assets Management Sites (DAM)
    • Customer Portals
    • Intranet/Extranet Solutions
    • Campus Information Systems
    • +++++++




    • Advertising Tracking
    • Website Management
    • Google AdWords Management
    • Email Campaign Management
    • Facebook Management
    • Google Analytics Reporting
    • Staff Training
    • +++++++







A Few Good Questions & Answers

Since we cut our teeth in the ad agency environment, we understand your business. The high-quality you expect and the protection you need for your client relationships is just as important to us as it is you. For this reason, we work hard to be the easiest partner you will work with and the one you feel the most comfortable bringing to the table. With that said:

Who owns the client relationship?
You do!

How do the finances flow?
The client pays you. You pay us.

Can we mark-up Pixelspace services?
Yes, and you should – we leave plenty of room to do so.

What type of agencies do you partner with?
Advertising Agencies, Digital Agencies, Interactive Agencies, Brand & Marketing Agencies, Direct Agencies, Integrative Agencies, Creative Services Groups, Mobile Agencies, In-House Departments.

Can Pixelspace help with exiting websites and uncompleted project?
Absolutely!. We clean up messes everyday.

Who designs the website?
You. Us. Both.

Does Pixelspace have references?
More than you can shake a stick at – let’s talk!

We Keep Very Good Company

We are in good company with the agencies and clients we have worked with – but we are always looking for new ones. We love showing off our work, but out of respect for our agency partners (not to mention the many non-disclosure agreements) we will not go into great detail. But don’t give up. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the type, scale and complexity of the help we’ve provided to our agency partners and will share real examples where we can. Partner alliances are the lifeblood of your business and we want to be your web development partner.

A Few Of The Agencies We Have Helped Out


A Few Of Our Agency Partner Clients

NC Department of Commerce
Georgia Pacific
Dedicated Transportation
Lenoir Rhyne University
Onslow Medical Center
Solafina Fabrics
SD Bell Properties
Shuford Yarns
Total Insight

3D Systems
Cargo Transporters
Elk Products
Integrity Financial
Mitchell Gold
Luna Textiles
Sunrise Technologies
Winston-Salem State University

Charlotte Arts & Science Council
Bolier Company
Zenith Logistics
City of Hickory
Virginia Prosthetics

Nevada Dept of Education
Bank of America
Birdsong Peanuts
City of Atlanta
Lifespan Services
Greensboro Coliseum
Huntington House
Matanuska Telephone
Project Management Institute
Salem Logistics
Shuford Mills

We Bring Value To The Table

Pixelspace has been partnering with marketing communications firms (such as advertising agencies, marketing firms, PR firms, in-house marketing departments, and designers) to help them build and launch better websites for themselves and their clients. We work closely with our partners to build visitor-centric, conversion-focused websites for businesses of all sizes.

Most agencies hire us to be part of their team in organizing a plan, designing the interface, developing the programming, deploying the site and maintaining the content for their client’s website and interactive projects. Our approach is guided by who you are and how you work with your clients. For some agencies we hide in plain site. For others we are front and center. But, rest assured, you own the client relationship. We are here to help you help your clients and not to replace you.

Why Work With Pixelspace As Your Agency Development Partner?

“Our experience and skill-sets allow us to be a “one-stop-shop” for your clients.”

Benefit #1

“We can help you prepare proposals and pitch clients on web and interactive project – keeping you out of the weeds.”

Benefit #2

“Coming out of the advertising agency environment, we understand your business.”

Benefit #3

“We work with you – not against you.”

Benefit #4

“Our understanding of technology frees you to focus on the areas you know best.”

Benefit #5

“Our approach is based on honesty and not lofty promises.”

Benefit #6

“Chances we have been there and already done that when it comes to web development.”

Benefit #7

“Your clients are just that – your clients. We are here to help you.”

Benefit #8

“We speak in plain English, not geek-speak.”

Benefit #9

We are a group of professionals sharing a passion for helping organizations make their websites better, stronger and faster. Our belief is strong web experience coupled with well-built marketing and sales strategies provides the inside track to developing your client’s competitive advantage. Our people draw upon diverse backgrounds and experiences including research, consulting, marketing and training. We have worked in a variety of fields including high-tech, research and analysis, consumer products, graphic design, business-to-business and healthcare services.

We welcome the opportunity to share our thoughts, ideas, accumulated expertise, methodology and resources to improve your website and your organization. Together with your people and your expertise, we will create a exceptional and sustainable website for your company and your customers.

Our Philosophy? It’s Been Said, So Let’s Not Reinvent The Wheel.

“keep good company. notice the ordinary. preserve the ephemeral. design not for the elite, but for the masses. explain it to a child. get lost in the content. get to the heart of the matter. never tolerate “o.k. anything.” remember your responsibility as a storyteller. zoom out. switch. prototype it. pun. make design your life. (an life, your design.) leave something behind.”

15 Things Charles & Ray Eames Teach Us.

Whether the website’s purpose is to sell products, generate leads, or build awareness we start by identifying your client’s goals and use them to create the right website for the visitors it is targeting. Once the site goes live we continue helping by proactively measuring your site’s goal-based performance and reporting back to you results and recommendations, so you can report to your client.

Have Questions? Contact Us.

If our approach makes sense for you, contact us. We will be happy to explain our process, outline the relationship and discuss the results you can expect. Our mission is to deliver the results you need. Do you have questions? Let us know. We will be happy to answer your questions and tell you a bit more about our skillsets and value.

Thank you! I have received your message.




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